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Education Programs

Curriculum based, experiential learning

Our programs allow students to explore topics related to immigration, identity, history, citizenship and diversity. Programs are inspired by exhibition content, our growing story collection and based on curriculum outcomes.

Programs are scheduled to be 2 hours long but can be shortened to 1 hour if needed. Note: shorter programs will not include all activities.

All programs are available in French or English.

At The Museum

Programs On-site Age Group Pricing
(Per Student)*
Citizenship Ages 11+ $7.00
Culture and Identity Ages 5+ $7.00
History Detectives Ages 10 - 15 $7.00
Immigration Simulation Ages 9+ $7.00
Teddy Bear's Journey Ages 3 - 8 $7.00
Special Lectures Ages 10+ $7.00
Your Story, Your Voice Ages 12+ $15.00 for 2 hours
$40.00 for 6 hours/full day
Add a guided tour (30 minutes) and/or
presentation of our film in Canada (30 minutes)
Two or more programs discount $2 off

*The prices listed do not include HST. Prices are subject to change. Rates apply to groups of 10 or more, not including chaperones. Educators and chaperones supervising the group are admitted free of charge.


Our virtual field trips are made possible thanks to the generous support of the Beatrice Crawford Family.

Virtual Field Trips** Age Group Pricing (Per Group)
Selling Canada Ages 12+ $100
Where Are You Really From? Ages 12+ $100
Mystery Visit With the Museum Ages 8 - 14 $100
Immigration Simulation - Online Version Ages 9+ $100
You Have Always Been Part of the Story Ages 9 - 12 $100
Welcoming Newcomers at Pier 21 Ages 5+ $100
Jewish Immigration to Canada Ages 17+ $100
Teddy Bear's Journey - Online Version Ages 4 - 8 $100

**These 30-40 minute virtual field trips, delivered live with one of our Heritage Interpreters, will dive into Canada’s immigration past. Perfect for education and community groups, and tailored for different ages.

Programs Online Age Group Program Delivery Costs
Refuge Canada Ages 12 - 18 Free, downloadable
lesson plan
The Suitcase Activity Ages 9 - 15 Free, downloadable activity sheet

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