Coloured paper with hand written notes about refugees.

About the Museum

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is Canada’s sixth national museum. Our mission is to share the ongoing story of immigration to Canada—past to present and coast to coast to coast. The Museum is located in the Pier 21 national historic site at the Halifax seaport where nearly one million immigrants landed in Canada from 1928 to 1971.

From immigration terminal to national historic site to national museum of immigration, our own story of becoming has its twists and turns.

Countless Journeys. One Canada.

Journeys of courage, hope, hardship and resiliency are at the heart of the immigrant experience. Understanding these journeys helps us understand ourselves and our country.

Our exhibitions are rich with first-person accounts, intimate oral histories, archival photographs, artifacts and immersive experiences. We explore themes of journey, arrival, belonging and contributions situated within larger historical, political and social contexts.

The Museum is the trusted caretaker of the individual voices that, woven together, reveal Canada’s ongoing story of identity and belonging.