Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence 2023 - Virick Charles Francis

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is pleased to welcome Eskasoni Mi’kmaw Nation artist Virick Charles Francis as their Artist in Residence for 2023.

A man wearing glasses looks back over his shoulder at the camera.
Virick’s wife Isabel Francis took this photograph
of him on a Canada Day trip to Gesgapegiag
in 2022 to harvest Black Ash.

This year’s residency is inspired by the 2023 North American Indigenous Games, hosted in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the sentiment shared by Chief Norman Bernard of Wagmatcook and president of the Mi'kmaq Sport Council who said, "We're honoured to host and look forward to sharing our Mi'kmaq culture with the rest of Turtle Island (North America).”

Over the course of his residency, Virick Charles Francis, an expert basket maker, will share his culture by creating a three-dimensional depiction of the life cycle of the Atlantic Salmon in black ash and offering several introduction to basket making workshops at the Museum.

Virick explains, “I’ve chosen this project specifically because of the importance of this specific fish to the Mi'kmaq. Throughout history the Mi'kmaq have relied and depended on the Salmon not only for a food source but also for economic stability. The Mi'kmaq have a high respect for all forms of life but the Salmon is especially respected, honored and sought after.”

Virick’s beautiful creations are also highly sought after by local and international collectors. A proud legacy and tribute to his mother and grandmother who taught him their techniques which he has expounded on in miniature and large scale installations like this project.

Samples of Virick's work:

Small sample-sized baskets in the shapes of fish.
Small sample-sized basket in the shape of a football.
Small baskets in a circle with thumbtack next to them for scale.

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