What Your Donation Makes Possible

Your donation supports the development of programs, collections, research and exhibitions in our effort to expand minds, question preconceptions, develop empathy and preserve and share our country’s collective identity that has shaped and enriched by immigration and migration. 

Learning and illumination

We are a museum of stories and stories are gateways to understanding. People from around the world continue to come to Canada, each with an individual journey worth sharing. All continue to foster our understanding of what it means to be Canadian. 

You can help provide newcomers with stepping stones 

Donations also go to support the Welcome Home to Canada program, which assists newcomers gain work experience in Canada. Their dedication, skills and enthusiasm spark new ideas, enhance programs and deepen visitor engagement. The program is an important stepping-stone towards their Canadian careers.


Our mission needs you

It is the gifts we receive from individuals and companies that allow us to do the things that make the museum so special and continue to deepen Canadians’ understanding of our rich heritage. Your donation helps us continue to evolve our story collection to reflect the immigration, migration and refugee experiences of all newcomers to Canada.

The museum must raise close to $1,400,000 annually in philanthropic support. Your donation has a direct impact on the delivery of our mission. The museum is the connection point for the hopes, fears and aspirations of immigrants who help build this country. It is the place where so much of Canada’s story is told. It is a place that connects us to our country and our heritage, our past and our future and to each other. Now more than ever how we celebrate our values and honour our immigrant history as Canadians matters. Unity, diversity, and having opportunities to prosper matter.

“To me, WHTC was the starting point and leverage in Canada. Probably many newcomers thought the same. Without Canadian degrees or diplomas, it’s difficult to get a job in the same field I worked in before coming to Canada due to accreditation problems. The WHTC program provides the opportunity to work and network.” – Jason Lee, program participant

“The reason that I became involved is still the same. It’s the vision. Pier 21 speaks of the good importance of immigration. And that’s very important for our young generation to learn. Pier 21 is all about Canada. So if you care for Canada, you have to care for Pier 21, the Canadian Immigration Museum.”  – Wadih M. Fares, Donor