Immigration Simulation - Online Version

Ideal for: Ages 9+

In this virtual program, students will be able to engage in real time with one of our Heritage Interpreters in an interactive role-playing experience that strives to detail immigration to Canada at the start of the 20th Century. Learners will build a character and answer questions asked by the “Immigration Officer” to try to get into Canada, all while learning about Canada’s exclusionary policies. These policies directly affected the lives of real people, determining who was allowed into the country and how they were treated. It is worth noting that some learners taking part in this program will be the direct descendants of these immigrants. As such, going through the experience will potentially impact different learners in different ways.

This program is an adaptation of our popular in-person program, 'Immigration Simulation', to make this wonderful experience accessible to young learners across Canada. This program can be done with students who are learning from home, or with students together in a classroom.

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