Pier Perspectives Blog

  • The Reunion

    A man drives down Terminal Road towards Pier 21. He is wearing a blue shirt; next to him his wife holds a bouquet of flowers. He is nervous and excited.

  • Experiences of Place: Immigration Experiences in Sault Ste. Marie

    Jay Patel is a York University student who completed an educational placement with the Canadian Museum of Immigration’s Oral History Program. He worked with 13 interviews recorded in 2017 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, using qualitative software to code the interviews. Excerpts from interviews with Sunny Naqvi and Bassel Alkosani, coded for “work” and “reflections,” help us understand their immigration experiences. Jay also reflects upon his own family connection to immigration.
  • Digital Preservation in the Collection

    Here in the Collections department, much of our work focuses on Digital Preservation. Digital Preservation is a way of keeping digital material alive so that they can be accessed long into the future, even as the technological tools and programs we use change.

  • Collaboration in Oral History Research

    Collaboration is an essential part of oral history research, and takes place across the country between the Museum and various institutions, including settlement organizations, universities, and community groups. Collaboration can take many forms, and is part of the process of sharing authority in oral history, which makes practicing history more inclusive and democratic.
  • Digital Preservation is for life, not just the holidays!

    Preserving your digital memories

    With the holidays fast-approaching, it’s the perfect time to reminisce about get-togethers and good times spent with family and friends.