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Deciphering Family Facts from Family Lore

Our family histories are the stories that we decide to repeat and share, editing out the parts that were unclear or unseemly, and over generations those stories become our truths. But what if there was someone who could help decipher family facts from family lore?

Anyone Could Be a Refugee; No One Chooses To Be a Refugee

When there is a war in a country, it can become difficult for its citizens to leave... People lose their lives and leave their homes to escape to neighboring countries. Or, they might simply stay put and instead move around the country while waiting to return to their homes.

Each of these categories of people experience different challenges. The most important challenge, and certainly one that we can relate to, is fear.

Reflections on Oral History Interviews from Prague Spring Refugees

As the Research Intern here at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, as well as a History and Masters of Library and Information Studies graduate, I have had plenty of opportunities to engage with historical information. Additionally, as the granddaughter of Dutch immigrants who came to Canada after the Second World War, there’s nothing I love more than hearing people’s personal histories! However, oral histories are still relatively new to me, which has made working with them that much more exciting.