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Program Information

All programs are available in French or English.

Chaperones are responsible for learner supervision.

Programs are scheduled to be 2 hours long but can be shortened to 1 hour to better fit timelines. Note: shorter programs may not include all activities. If this is the case, details will be provided at the time of your booking confirmation.

Citizenship Grades 6 - Adult $7.00
Culture and Identity I Grades P - 6 $7.00
Culture and Identity II Grades 7 - Adult $7.00
History Detectives Grades 6 - 9 $7.00
Immigration Simulation Ages 8 - Adult $7.00
Teddy Bear's Journey Ages 3 - 8 $7.00
Special Lectures High School $7.00
Building Bridges Age 12 and up $15.00 for 2 hours
$40.00 for 6 hours/full day
Your Story, Your Voice Age 12 and up
Two or more programs discount $2 off
Add a guided tour (30 minutes) and/or
presentation of our film in Canada (30 minutes)

*The prices listed do not include HST. Prices are subject to change. Rates apply to groups of 10 or more, not including chaperones. Educators and chaperones supervising the group are admitted free of charge.

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