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Party Dresses, New Friends and Other Advice for a Long Quarantine

In the summer of 1940, as the blitz raged in England, Percy and Grace Blackman’s parents told them they were going to Canada. They were thrilled. They were born in Canada and their family had moved back to their parent’s country in 1938. Percy and Grace were excited until they found out that they were going back alone. They would be evacuee children, waiting out the war in the safety of Canada like thousands of others.

Who Do You Define as Family?

For generations, families have arrived as immigrants to Canada. This journey leads to major changes in people's lives. So, what does the journey entail? The journey not only involves the physical movement of coming over by ship or plane, but also the process of preparing for your trip and saying goodbye to your family. Sometimes people immigrate without any hope of returning to their country of origin, leaving their entire immediate family behind.

What if the Magic of Christmas Could Travel With Us?

The end of the year is the most preferred time for most people. At least it may be for some people, but for others it is not the greatest time.

Some people consider Christmas time as a moment of sharing. A moment of the year when we go to see family and friends. This Christmas tradition changes from one country to another.

In this blog, I would like to talk about how Christmas happened at my home, and my childhood memories.