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Colour-Coded Quarantine and a Boy at Play

British evacuee child, Keith Alan Freeman made the best of his wartime quarantine experience.

His story starts with words that I hope children today will echo when they grow up and think about these challenging days.

“It must have been tough for my mother and aunt but my memories are of having a wonderful time,” Alan wrote.

“We had tricycles with fixed wheels (the pedals drove the wheels directly without a free-wheeling chain) so you braked by stopping pedalling.

The Magical Quarantine Christmas of 1951

Christine Schlechta was a 10-year-old German immigrant at the time of what she recalled as a magical quarantine Christmas.

“It was Christmas Eve, 1951, when we arrived in Halifax at Pier 21,” Christine remembered. “We were led into the large assembly hall lined with benches where we had to wait until our names were called. Then we were processed and our documents were stamped with the designation of landed immigrant.

No eggs or butter? Baking during difficult times is nothing new.

A woman wearing an apron and holding a spoon is saluting.

Credit: Economy Recipes for Canada’s “Housoldiers.” Toronto: Canada Starch Company Ltd. 1943. From Laurier House National Historic Site interactive exhibit “WWII Kitchen.”