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Research Request

The Scotiabank Family History Centre is currently playing hide-and-seek with your ancestors (they're hiding and we’re seeking them).

Due to an overwhelming amount of Research Requests, we are temporarily pausing the service while we catch-up. It’s always our goal to give each request the time and investigation it deserves

Please check back for updates

The Scotiabank Family History Centre offers remote research services for people who are not able to visit the museum but would like to locate an immigration record of a family member or ancestor, or who have a genealogical inquiry. Please use the online form to submit a research request. Copies of documents located by the Scotiabank Family History Centre team can be purchased for $15.00 each. Prices subject to change. Staff will give payment options once the record has been found.

Our staff use a variety of internal and external sources to locate immigration records, manifests and passenger lists. The era of the arrival determines how we research. Please choose the appropriate time frame from the selection below.

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After 1935

Unfortunately, Pier 21 is not able to access Canadian immigration records for persons arriving after 1935, all records for arrivals after 1935 are held in Ottawa with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration and are not open to the public. They are protected under the Canadian Privacy Act for seventy-five years from date of arrival.

Even though we are unable to access the Canadian Arrival Records, there are some sources to find personal records for immigration after 1935. Please choose the appropriate time frame from the selection below.

I am looking for: