UK After 1960

Unfortunately UK Departure records are only available up to 1960. The Scotiabank Family History Centre recommends that you contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada to obtain arrival details.

Individuals who immigrated to Canada can request their immigration information from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. A Personal Information Request Form needs to be printed and filled out then sent to Citizenship and Immigration in Ottawa.

Next of kin can request immigration information from Citizenship and Immigration Canada if the person who they are requesting information about has been deceased for over 20 years. If the person has been deceased less than twenty years, information is only released to the executor of the estate for the purpose of executing the estate, proof is required. CIC will not disclose information to a member of the family for genealogical research or general interest before the 20 year period is over. There is a $5 fee that needs to be mailed with the Access to Information Request Form

If you have any questions regarding Access to Information please email