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My "Immigrant” Experience in Italy

Right from the start, I should make one thing very clear: I have never actually been an immigrant. I was born in Canada, and while I’ve lived overseas twice now, it was always with the knowledge that I would be coming home to Canada. The first time, I moved to England, where I had family and friends, and already knew the culture and language. No problem.

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School’s Out, Learning’s In! March Break Cultural Activities

Cultural activities, which are central to my work as Public Programs Manager at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, serve an interesting dual purpose. At once, they are a means of connecting (or re-connecting) with your own heritage and they are a means of finding commonalities with a culture very different from your own, whether that involves learning Tagalog or making empanadas from scratch or discovering the traditional round dance of the Mi’kmaw people.

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Trace Your Roots at the Scotiabank Family History Centre

Every visitor who enters the Scotiabank Family History Centre is greeted by a knowledgeable and experienced staff member ready to help them with their research.

But responses staff often hear run the gamut from “oh, I was just curious, but I don’t think I have enough information” to “they arrived through Quebec City so you wouldn’t have anything for me here."

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