Artist-In-Residence 2017 - Andrea Tsang Jackson

During her summer residency at the Museum, Andrea Jackson worked with visitors on THE “HERE AND ELSEWHERE” BEE. This project, inspired by the children’s storybook Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt, invited visitors to create a “Bear Paw” quilt block out of pre-cut fabric with adhesive backing. The blocks formed a larger design, representing how personal stories form a collective migration story of coming from “elsewhere”.

A pretty young woman smiles for the camera.
Artist-in-Residence 2017 Andrea Tsang Jackson
A woman is seen working at a sewing machine.
A woman works on a quilt that is hanging on a wall.
People stand in front of an incomplete quilt on the wall.
Quilt and woman working on a sewing machine can be seen from a distance.
A woman can be seen trying to hang a quilt on the wall.
A woman is ironing patches to be added to the quilt.
A beautiful colourful quilt hangs on a wall.