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Lawlor’s Island Survey

Historians tend to pay close attention when a public site seems “silent” in public memory. This is true of a place quite close to Pier 21 in Halifax Harbour. Lawlor’s Island is next to McNabs Island, close to Eastern Passage. People in Halifax love the harbour islands. We’re all over these things. Devil’s Island, Georges, McNabs – people can’t get enough. But strangely, few people in town know very much about Lawlor’s Island (or its history) at all.

Hello world.

(Sorry; it has proven impossible for me to embark on this blog with any other phrase.)

I’m looking forward to blogging: I really like my work and I think the stuff I uncover in the course of doing research is really interesting. Of course, I also like microfilm and think that piles of old documents are awesome, so I may not be the best indicator of what is actually fun...