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Leaving Home and Coming to Canada

Salzburg with Aunt Olga and Uncle Joseph - Peter Duschinsky

Time 1:50


Yeah, so, I left. I was with uh, my Aunt Olga and my Uncle Joseph in Austria. Austria was quite amazing. I’ve never seen, I have never seen anything like that. We lived uh, we went to Salzburg, which is a beautiful city in the Alps, just a beautiful, beautiful place. It is that to this day, everybody knows about it. But remember, this was after the war and Budapest was grey and full of uh, full of ruins. And, of course in the Revolution, the ruins were all over, you know—dead animals in the streets uh, wires etcetera hanging down. And there, there we were in this this paradise, this amazing place. Beautiful mountains, neon lights, uh, everything you wanted. We stayed there for a while. I, I just, I loved it, I must say. That, that sort of walking around uh, with my Uncle Joseph, whom really I learned to know then, and who I consider to this day to be an absolutely wonderful man. A very simply man. A real—real peasant, for lack of—he came from a farming family—a very, sort of, very simply man. Shoemaker by occupation.

Oral History 15.12.01PD with Peter Duschinsky
Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

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