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Becoming a Refugee

We Never Talk About Hope - Bwe Doh Soe

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To me, like, because we are living such —I think we have—we don’t even understand what is hope, you know. What is, like, hoping to be somebody. Or hoping to become someone. Like, we don’t even have—and I was never think about hoping to become something, you know? I thinks because we are always—we are born with a culture, and we are born with a people who always, I don’t know, is always in the, have to go through so much stuff, and we always forced to leave. We’re forced to leave our country, we forced to do those kind of stuff. Now, hope, it’s not the—it’s not popular. Or, it’s not famous in the, the children, you know, to when I was around that time. We never talk about hope, or to become—we were, I think, yeah, maybe my family might have disabused that with such the very, I was, ten or eleven, or twelve, I didn’t know a lot. All I do is, like, go around, like, you know. It just daily routine that you never, uh, yeah.

Oral History 13.11.23BDS with Bwe Doh Soe
Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21