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Life in the United States: Civil Rights, the Vietnam War and the Draft

Civil Rights Demonstration - Diane Kristensen

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I wasn't involved in any of the heavy duty demonstrations, the ones I was in were more the peace marches, so I didn't occupy any university offices or do any of that sort of thing, but uh, but I was definitely involved in, there was one march we had downtown, we went from campus all the way to downtown Cincinnati, and it was quiet, nobody spoke, and we just, thousands of students and other people too, and people were lining the streets, and I've got a picture and I, I would have brought it but it was so faded you can barely see, there were a couple of little old ladies sitting there and they're flashing the peace sign, um, and so, there was a lot of support for the – you know the anti-war uh, sentiment was very strong in Cincinnati.

Oral History 16.03.01DK with Diane Kristensen
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