Immigration Simulation

A group of children stand in front of a heritage interpreter dressed as an immigration officer.

First-hand experiences with immigration past

Ideal For: Ages 9+

Maximum number of participants: 50

“Immigration Simulation” is a thought-provoking and interactive role-playing experience that strives to detail immigration to Canada at the start of the 20th Century with honesty and historical accuracy. It is a highly effective program that gives learners important and challenging information about Canada’s past. Learners will be encountering the often racist policies put in place by the Canadian government at that time. These policies directly affected the lives of real people, determining who was allowed into the country and how they were treated. It is worth noting that some learners taking part in this program will be the direct descendants of these immigrants. As such, going through the experience will potentially impact different learners in different ways.

“Immigration Simulation” is conducted by well-trained Heritage Interpreters, who make every effort to handle the complexity of the material with compassion and discernment.

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