Culture and Identity Program

A young girl draws with a marker on a small circle of paper.

Experiencing Culture Through a Different Lens

Ideal For: Ages 5+

Maximum number of participants: 50

It can be difficult to appreciate the experiences of others until we can take a step outside ourselves. Being aware of, recognizing and valuing differing worldviews, cultural norms and practices are critical steps towards cultural competency. This program is designed to move learners from a personal cultural awareness to a social cultural awareness, and then back inward to understand the implications for their own lives, bringing a deeper awareness and understanding to the cultural exchanges that make up the fabric of Canada.

Explore culture and identity through interactive collaborative and individual games. Learners will create a button to represent their own personal identity, discover the various ways that cultures interact in a community in a fun, hands-on way with building bricks, and engage their cultural norms and values by exploring the unfamiliar in an interactive empathy-building game. They will experience cultural diversity in a whole new way.

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