Refuge Canada - The Inflatable Boat

by Dan Conlin, Curator

Time 0:00:53


One of the larger objects in our exhibition Refuge Canada is this rigid inflatable boat.

It represents some of the most dangerous voyages that refugees make when they escape persecution by sea.

We invite our visitors to sit down in this boat and contemplate the dangers of those voyages.

A boat like this, which is being used today in the GNC by refugees trying to move from Turkey to Greece to claim asylum in the European community.

A boat like this is designed for eight people, but smugglers invariably overload them with 18 to 20 people.

Sitting here you can just imagine the dangers of a trip like that with adults clinging to the sides and children huddled in the centre for safety.

It’s a real demonstration of some of the high stakes and danger of the voyages that refugees often make as they flee, seeking safety for their families.

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