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Empress of Ireland - The Mural (1)

by Eleanor Matheson, Heritage Interpreter

Time 0:00:47


My name is Eleanor Matheson. Right now, I’m a heritage interpreter at the museum of Pier 21. And so that means that I give tours, in English and French, and we also do all kinds of other little duties. So we sell the tickets and we, give people maps and let them know what’s going on in the museum. As for doing the art, that’s something that I always like to do on my own. I decided to study history, but keep art for myself so that it was never my job (laughs), so I wouldn’t get tired of it, and I could do it on the side whenever I felt like it. So when I heard that they were looking for artists, I put my own name forward hoping that I would be considered, because it’s something that I think is really fun that I get to contribute, quite apart from what I’m doing, sort of as a career. I love history and this way I can bring both of my loves, history and art, together.

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