Migrating Landscapes

May 6 to October 27, 2013

Who we are is shaped by where we live. Where we live is shaped by who we are. This is the essence of the Museum’s upcoming exhibition, Migrating Landscapes. Visit us from May 30 to November 11, 2013 to experience how migrations, and the simultaneous process of settling and being unsettled is expressed through the built environment that surrounds us.

Migrating Landscapes showcases a series of model ‘dwellings’ by young architects and designers, inspired by their personal experiences of immigration and migration. These ‘dwellings’—from model skyscrapers to cabins—are nestled in an impressive, abstract wooden landscape made of 28,680 feet of lumber. The architectural models are brought to life by accompanying videos that draw on the artists’ cultural memories.

Curated by Winnipeg-based 5468796 Architecture and Jae-Sung Chon, Migrating Landscapes was Canada’s 2012 entry to the prestigious 13th International Architecture Exhibition–la Biennale di Venezia in Venice, Italy.