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Amerigo Lupinacci
December 1956

I crossed the ocean from Naples to Halifax in 11 days. I was merely a child, 18 years old travelling alone, it was cold, and I was terrified. It was quite an adventure, but I knew I was coming here for a better life, even though there would be hardships to endure. I remember the only thing I could see was water and the sky.

I knew I would not be alone. As soon as I arrived in Toronto, my dad, my brother, some cousins, and uncles were there already. My uncle officially “opened the gate” for my family to start arriving in 1950. After that we followed in his footsteps, all hoping for the promise of a better life.

After the boat arrived in Halifax I had to find the right direction for my next destination, Toronto. This was extremely difficult because I did not know how to speak even one word of English.

Nevertheless, I survived as did everyone else. I was fortunate because I had support here in Toronto. My family helped find me a job, I began taking English lessons, and I bought my first car. I worked at Tip Top Tailors for five years, and it was here that I met my wife.

And the rest they say is history…