Kucha Family

Families Before 1956

Steven and Margaret Kucha
by Daughter Sharon Bonnallie

Hungarian Immigrants
Minnedosa (Steven)
July 23, 1926
Berlin III (Margaret)
February 11, 1934
Age: 5 years 8 mos for Steven F
8 years for Margaret S (left Hungary on her birthday) January 26, 1934

Steven F. Kucha, Jr. (Istvan Kucsa, Jr.) left from his homeland of Fot, Hungary, with his mother (Mary), and sailed from Antwerp on the ship called the Minnedosa and arrived in Halifax July 23, 1926. He was just over five years, 8 mos. old when he arrived in Canada. He and his Mother were then put on a train for Raymond, Alberta to meet up with his Dad (Steven Kucha Sr.). His father was already residing in Alberta. A few years later they all moved to Hamilton, Ontario.

Margaret Zusanna (nee Toth) Kucha left her homeland of Szikszo, Hungary with her Mother (Barbara), and older brother (Paul), on her 8th birthday, January 26, 1934, on the ship called the Berlin 3. They left the port of Bremen, Germany and sailed to New York, New York, U.S.A. They arrived through Ellis Island, New York and then went on to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada on Feb. 11, 1934 to meet up with her Father, Paul Toth, who was already here in Canada waiting for them.

Steve Kucha, Jr. and Margaret Toth met in Niagara Falls, Ontario, where Margaret resided, and were married on August 14, 1943 at Lundy’s Lane United Church. They recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary (2009) with their entire family. It was a wonderful celebration.

They have 3 children and two grandchildren – daughter Sharon (and husband Bill), son Steven (and wife Teresa), and son Larry and his two daughters, Marisa and Vanessa. Steve and Margaret are extremely proud parents and grandparents.

Their family is absolutely everything to them.

Steven and Margaret Kucha, and daughter Sharon and husband Bill travelled to Raymond, Alberta to see where where he lived when he first came to Canada. It was a totally amazing experience. He remembered every building, the church, every corner, and exactly where his home was. It was really an emotional time. To think that seventy years later he came back and could identify all the places of his childhood. We had the privilege of having the Curator of the museum in Raymond, Alberta accompany us around the town. He also took us out to the sugar beet fields where Steve’s father worked when he first came to Canada. The Curator was totally amazed at Steve’s memory, especially when you realize he was just over 5 years old when he came to Raymond! It really was a thrill to see Raymond through his eyes.

Steven and wife, Margaret have travelled all over the world together and with their children as well, and just love the adventures. They have been to exotic locals like Hawaii, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe, all through the United States and from one coast of Canada to the other. They love to travel and experience new things and cultures. They always say “It is wonderful to travel, but best to get back home – to our Canada – the best place in the world!!”

Even though they both came from Hungary and still speak the language, and keep some of the Hungarian traditions, they are definitely proud to be Canadians. They both feel they are Canadians first and just adore “their” Canada.

On September 16, 2010 Steven Franklin Kucha passed away in his 90th year. Beloved husband of Margaret, dear and devoted Father of daughter Sharon and Bill (Bonnallie), son Steven and Teresa, son Larry and Grandpa of his dear grandchildren Marisa and Vanessa. He will be Forever in our Hearts.

On October 5, 2012, surrounded by family, Margaret Susanna Kucha (nee toth) passed away in her 87th year. Beloved wife of the late Steven Franklin Kucha (2010), dear mother and devoted mother of daughter Sharon and Bill (Bonnallie, son Steven and Teresa, son Larry, and proud Grandma of her dear grandchildren Marisa and Vanessa. She will live forever in our hearts.