Anna Spaunberg

Families Before 1956

Departed Dec 19-1926, arrived Pier 21 Halifax, December 28 1926.

Our 9 day voyage – Mother with 3 children ages 6, 4, 2, I was the oldest – Anna (Wohl) Wahl, 6 years old, born October 18 1920 in Nemetker, Hungary.

Very rough seas, I was sick the entire trip. Christmas on board the ship, have memories of a tree and gifts for all the children. One trip to the dining area, we were unable to eat as our plates got away from us. Good thing the tables had ledges on them. Remember mother and friends playing cards outside the cabin, and chairs, tables and people going from one side of passageway to the other, but we all survived.

When we arrived in Halifax we had to go down a rope ladder to a barge along side. There were steamer trunks around the outside to keep us from falling overboard, then we were taken to Pier 21 onshore.

We were welcomed by ther Red Cross or Salvation Army, I recall the uniforms. We were a family of four: mother, two daughters, one son, accompanied by a family friend whose husband was in Manitoba working at the same place as our dad. Then by train to Winnipeg to be met by out father.

We went to school in Winnipeg, we were very fortunate as the Sisters (nuns) spoke both German and English and made it easier for us. I lived in Winnipeg area from 1926 to 1929, Windsor 1929 to 1946, and Leamington, Ontario from 1946 to present. I retired from H.J. Heinz after thirty years of service at Christmas time 1977 and am enjoying my retirement. I do volunteer work with church, and the legion and enjoy golfing, reading, traveling, etc.