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Royson Ng
Advice to Potential Immigrants

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I think—I think the first thing is you’re open-minded, okay. Uh you have to look at Canada do welcome you, okay. You have to come, again, not thinking what you had, what you going to have: always think what you going to have, not what you already had. And I think that’s a big difference.

The second part is that: Uh don’t have high expectation that—high expectation that it’s going to be uh better. It could be worse; it could be—it could be—but the end result is that, depending on what you want to achieve. For me, when I first came Canada, education was my reason for being here, for my kids, okay. And, looking back, today, I say, success is measured—can be money—but for me success measured by the achievement that I achieve for them, you see; this is why I am here. And, like I say, one is already study, um, medicine—third year in—in university in UK, okay. The second one, the son, is graduating this year, life science—also going to go to study medicine without us pushing him to be medicine—want to do medicine, okay. And the third one is eleven-years-old, so still a long way to go. But what—what he’s going to be today, two thing: either cake decorator or businessman (laughing), right. We are asking the kids, today, right.

So, uh, based on today, like I say, looking back, the advice them I give them is be positive. But today a lot more information to find out what you want to do today, better be immigrant, be a business, or be uh skilled.

But, uh—one thing I do give advice to them is that, don’t be choosy about your job. Take what come along because you never think—know what it take you to next step. Take what you long, first, establish your experience: get as much experience you have, which is again—I have—I have no question why they say you need Canadian experience because it really make a difference for a lot of people. But me saying no experience means—that because it’s me. But somebody else will look at it, always, you have Canadian experience..

Royson Ng was born in Malacca, Malaysia in 1959. Royson left Malaysia in 1979 to study in the United Kingdom. Despite studying and working there for ten years, he was denied status to stay in the UK. Royson was forced to return to Malaysia with his wife and daughter. He decided almost immediately to immigrate to Canada but had to wait three years for his application to be approved. During that time, Royson worked for his father’s clock repair and import business.

In 1991, the Ng family left Malaysia for Toronto, Ontario. Royson first worked at a gas station and later continued his work in clock repair. Royson eventually found a job in sales at Future Shop and moved up the ranks to become a regional marketing manager for Eastern Canada. Royson left his position at Future Shop to become vice-president at Samtack, a company that distributes computers and computer components. He now serves as the company’s president.

Royson is a member of the board of directors of the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs and volunteers with a charity that helps children in China orphaned by AIDS. In 2011, Royson received a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award, recognizing the significant contributions he has made to Canada. Royson currently lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario with his family.

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