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Kavitha Ramachandran
Like an Infant as an Immigrant

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… so it’s very important and understand that again when you’re coming to this country you consider yourself as an infant you don’t know anything, so, again you have to go through the process right from the start because nobody’s going to know, you know Kavitha Ramachandran, so your resume can speak about your experience and qualification you can prove anything, but it’s very important for me to get adapted, for anyone who is an immigrant it’s very important to get adapted to this country, know about the culture, know about the work culture, ethics, and the attitude, and what it takes to land in a very good job or related field of your own choice.

So, you would have to do what it takes you to do land in that job. Just sitting at home or talking to people I think—it doesn’t help and nobody’s going to pay my bills. If don’t—if I’m not prepared to do that job, survival job, No you know what, I worked as a manager, or I was in a very good position I don’t want to do it, nobody’s going to want to help you to get, you know, or to pay your bills, so it’s very important. Have an open mind for everything, so. For me I wouldn’t say it was a red carpet when I arrived but I was prepared, I can make it as a red carpet, so—but it takes so as much of hardships and, you have to try try try until, you know, you succeed in a job that you wanted to.

Now I’m very happy in the job that I’m doing and then, another one thing my professor is very kind enough to pursue PhD, so that is going to be happening very soon—so I wouldn’t say it’s a dream, but it’s my passion to pursue PhD in North America. So I’m going to be landing,—pursuing PhD very soon so, I owe a lot of gratitude to all, you know, these professors, as well. And people who helped me in gaining experience and giving me a lot of instructions, guidance, my friends and yeah, co-workers, I would like to thank everyone. Without them I don’t think so, I could stand at this position and you know talk about my experiences.

Kavitha Ramachandran was born in 1979 in Chennai, India. Following high school, she earned a bachelor’s of science, a master’s in nutrition and dietetics, and a master’s in food service management. In India, Kavitha worked both as a high school teacher and as a dietitian at a national fitness centre.

Kavitha had a long-term goal of completing a PhD in North America because of the quality of education. She chose to apply to immigrate to Canada because she had a close friend living in Toronto, Ontario. In 2009, Kavitha was accepted into the human resources management program at George Brown College in Toronto. She arrived in Toronto with a student visa in January 2010.

Once Kavitha completed her studies at George Brown, she had trouble finding a job. She decided to move to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where she felt she would have better job opportunities and could qualify as a permanent resident under Saskatchewan’s provincial nominee program. She worked three jobs for five months in order to gain enough work experience to qualify as a permanent resident. Meanwhile, Kavitha made connections in Saskatoon with a professor at the University of Saskatchewan who hired her as a researcher.

In 2012, Kavitha became a permanent resident. At the time of the interview, she was working at the University of Saskatchewan as a technical assistant and planned to begin a PhD program in the near future.

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