Frequently Asked Questions About the Collection

How can I share my story?

You can share your story in two ways. You can complete the online story form located here. You can also email your story to the Collection Manager at

How will the Museum use my story donation?

Your story donation will be made available to staff and the public for use in research, exhibitions, and a variety of public programs. It will eventually be accessible via the Museum online collection database.

How do I participate in an oral history interview?

Oral histories are strategically collected by the Museum’s Oral History team. Interview participants are selected based on an analysis of gaps in the collection, and in support of museum projects. To learn more about the oral history program, please visit the Oral History page.

Does the Museum collect artifacts and two-dimensional archival materials?

Since the transition to national museum status, the priority for collections acquisitions has been intangible or digital items, such as oral history interviews, digital immigration stories, digital photographs, and documents. The Museum acquires a limited number of artifacts, but only if the artifact is historically significant and directly related to the Museum mandate, or has potential use in a specific program or exhibition.

When I donate an artifact or archival document, am I entitled to a tax receipt?

If your item is acquired by the Museum you are entitled to a tax receipt for its equivalent fair market value. If your item(s) are valued at more than $1000.00, an arm’s-length appraisal will be arranged by Museum staff. The cost of the appraisal is covered by the donor.

When will my donated object be displayed?

The Museum cannot guarantee that acquired item will be exhibited. The Museum has an active exhibition program that helps to showcase the collection but only a small portion of the collection is exhibited at any one time.

Can I see an object that is currently in storage?

You can make an appointment to see items currently in storage by contacting the Collection Manager.

How do I use content from the Collection?

If you would like to use material from the collection for non-commercial use (a use that does not directly or indirectly generate income), please refer to the Creative Commons license. For all other uses, please refer to the Reproductions and Use page, and contact the Collection Manager.