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The Italian Trunk

Through the generous support of The IC Savings Foundation, The Italian Trunk was created. Rich with stories of exciting journeys overseas, travels by train across the country, settling in a new land and the kindness of strangers along the way, the Trunk reveals many personal accounts of newcomers arriving to and living in Canada.

Take time to explore photos of the old country, onboard ship crossings, families arriving at the Pier and their bright futures in Canada. Learn about first tastes of squishy white bread and first experiences of frigid Canadian winters. We invite you to participate in a uniquely historical and cultural exploration of our collections.

Culture Trunks appeal to people young and old who wish to gain more knowledge about a specific country’s immigration to Canada. Each Culture Trunk serves as a wonderful introduction to our broader archives. And, since the Trunks are updated as people submit their stories, photos and documents to the Museum’s collections, there is always something new to discover!


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