Two people look at a wall of photographs and text for the Crossing Lines exhibition.

Crossing Lines: A New Age of Migration

Exhibition information alongside a photograph of people climbing ashore and a portrait of a woman.

January 10 to April 14, 2024

Photographers Darren Ell and Roger LeMoyne weave together images of recent migrations on three continents with portraits of refugees now in Canada. Their personal stories offer a counterpoint to the documentation of the dramatic events driving global migration.

Darren Ell and Roger LeMoyne have spent many years covering the front lines of these events. Each has a distinct approach to their subject matter but the concerns that fuel their work are shared. Crossing Lines: A New Age of Migration takes viewers to the border regions of the world in Asia, Europe, Central and North America, and ultimately to the Canada-US border. The photographers’ work investigates and humanizes some of the issues and realities relating to migration as we navigate the current widespread population movements and the global refugee crisis.