The Canadian Immigration Story

Witness the challenge and triumph, the joy and injustice experienced by newcomers to Canada in the past and in the present. And learn about the vast contributions immigrants have made to Canada.

  • Trace changing migration trends throughout our history on our massive multimedia Immigration Map.
  • Discover 400 years of immigration history including Canada's record on inclusion and exclusion.
  • Browse a compelling oral collection of immigrant stories and histories.
  • Share how you feel about Canadian Identity in our growing digital Belonging Quilt.
  • Test your knowledge at the Citizenship Test Table. Do you know enough for the privilege of citizenship?
  • Immerse yourself in our new Contributions Multimedia Experience, a 10-minute film showcasing the contributions of over 100 remarkable Canadian immigrants.

BMO Oral History Gallery

Recorded audio and video interviews in this gallery capture living memories and preserve them for future generations. Clips are 30 seconds to almost three minutes long, so you could spend as little as ten minutes in the gallery, or get lost for hours in people’s fascinating life vignettes.

On the wall of the entrance there are photos and a screen with an oral history playing.
A view of the gallery showing pods with seating and screens.

Contributions Film Experience

The Contributions film experience is a 9-foot-tall, 180-degree, curved screen that immerses you in sounds and images celebrating the contributions from immigrants to Canada. The experience will leave you with deep reflection on the Canada you know today.

A school group intently watches the film from a long couch.
Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia/Photographer: Acorn Art Photography