Five adults and one child interact with the exhibition, featuring a map of the world with luggage tags.

Canada: Day 1

March 18 to November 12, 2017

Canada: Day 1 is our Canada 150 project, supported by RBC Foundation, that brings to life 150 years of immigrants’ “Day 1” experiences.

Two adults and one child look at a large map of Canada on the wall. A red sign with the exhibition title is behind them.
Ten pieces of luggage are displayed on a wall with text and a map of Canada.
An image of the exhibition, featuring a photograph of two people hugging, text panels, and a glass display case with objects.
Two people look at a luggage tag on a piece of luggage displayed on the wall.
Three men dance in front of a large Canadian flag with a puzzle piece design.
A luggage tag with images and writing on it. The tag is dated October 13, 2016, and says Syria and Canada on the top.

Curator's Tours: