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Canada: Day 1

A man is standing in front of world map and pointing to it and explaining it to a young lady and little girl.

The Experience

  • Discover the differences in newcomer experiences on their first day of arrival in Canada spanning from confederation to present day.
  • Canada: Day 1 has travelled to seven Canadian cities with more stops planned for 2018. Is Canada: Day 1 coming to your city? (Exhibition schedule)
  • Listen to the voices, stories and histories of new immigrants and the people who welcomed them.
  • Explore archival images and evocative objects that highlight the themes of Transitions, Arrival, Encounters, Finding Your Way and Reflections.
  • View original artwork by artists from across Canada

Canada: Day 1 is our Canada 150 project, supported by RBC Foundation, that brings to life 150 years of immigrants’ “Day 1” experiences.

Canada: Day 1 Across the World

A huge banner shows when immigrants travelled to Canada.

Canada: Day 1 Mini in Hungary

For Canada’s 150th anniversary, six versions of Canada: Day 1 will be displayed simultaneously across the globe.

The success of Canada: Day 1 inspired the Museum to create several smaller versions, called Canada: Day 1 Minis, with help from Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada and Global Affairs Canada.

These mini exhibits have toured libraries, schools, and public landmarks of all kinds across Canada and even travelled to Canadian embassies and consulates across the world, including a stop at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.