Guided Tours

The Pier 21 Story

  • Guided 30-minute tours of Pier 21 are offered in English and French.
  • Tours and movie viewing times available throughout the day.

Join our professional Heritage Interpreters for a guided tour of Pier 21. Your guide will adapt the tour based on the group’s interests and experience. If you are curious about a particular ship or you want to know more about War Brides, please let your guide know.

After the tour, check out our original film In Canada. The 20-minute film documents personal stories of immigrants from diverse backgrounds.

Pier 21 Story exhibitions details

The Canadian Immigration Story

Discover the history of immigration in Canada before, during, and after Pier 21 was active. Our knowledgeable Heritage Interpreters walk you through 400 years of history.

After the tour, immerse yourself in the stories at the BMO Oral History Gallery.

Canadian Immigration Story exhibition details