Green plaques inscribed with names of service people and war brides. Poppies and daffodil pins have been placed next to some plaques.

Wall of Service

“Thank you for your sacrifice. We live in the best country in the world because you fought to keep it this way.” Denis Pilon

A Chance to Honour Their Contribution and Remember Their Sacrifice

Nearly 400,000 military personnel departed from Pier 21 during the Second World War to serve their country.

At Pier 21, on the very spot where they boarded ships bound for Europe stands the Wall of Service. It provides a way for families to commemorate service men and women, including those who served in the merchant navy. It also recognizes the War Brides who came to Canada during and after the war. 44,000 War Brides and their 22,000 children disembarked at Pier 21.

Limited time and space

Space is limited on the Wall of Service. The time to honour a loved with a commemorative plaque is now. The Museum plans to fill the remaining plaques before the end of 2025, to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Your family member was a part of history. This is your opportunity to memorialize their sacrifice at Pier 21, a site of national significance to Canadians.

Your donation of $500 gives you:

  • A commemorative plaque inscribed with the name and rank of the person you choose to recognize on the Museum’s Wall of Service in the Anne Risley Gateway, Pier 21 Halifax.
  • A virtual commemorative plaque displayed on our Virtual Wall of Service.
  • An opportunity to share their story on the virtual wall.
  • A card, sent by the Museum to the honouree letting them know about your gift.

To reserve a place on the Wall of Service, contact:
Maria Almeida, Donor Relations Manager, 902-420-6656

Installation Dates

Month Order and Payment Received by
March 2024 February 5, 2024
June 2024 May 6, 2024
November 2024 September 23, 2024
December 2024 October 28, 2024

(Note: Early plaque installation is available for an additional fee, time permitting. If you are interested, please call Maria Almeida, Donor Relations Manager, at 902-420-6656 for details.)

Keepsake Plaque

Commemorative plaque donors are eligible to purchase a Keepsake plaque at a cost of $150 plus applicable tax. The plaque is a mounted replica, like the one below, to display at home.

A green plaque with a sample inscription is encased in a clear plaque.

To order a Keepsake plaque, please contact:
Maria Almeida, Donor Relations Manager, 902-420-6656