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Making a legacy gift is a simple process with a lasting impact.

Mary Campanella

Left to right: Sam Campanella (brother), Maria Cino (mother), Salvatore Campanella (father) and sitting is Mary Campanella. |
Mary and her father, Salvatore at a wedding in August 2011.

Making a legacy gift is a simple process with a lasting impact. This sentiment resonated with Mary Campanella, the daughter of Italian immigrants who came to Canada through Pier 21 in the 1950s. Mary visited us in 2013 and reconnected with the experiences of her parents who had passed through this historic gateway. Her father, a survivor of the Second World War after being a prisoner of war, then found strength and courage to immigrate to Canada to start a new life. She was inspired to make a legacy gift in honour of the place where both of her parents made their first steps in Canada.

We are sincerely thankful to Mary and know that her gift will continue to have lasting effects.

“I’ve had the joy of sharing so many great memories with her [Mary] and I am so grateful. She touched so many people around her, and we were all blessed to have known her.”
– Rita Ham, Mary Campanella’s Cousin

Consider a gift to the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in your Will.

For more information contact Maria Almeida 902-420-6656