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Liberata Guanti

Italian Immigrant
SS Olympia
Arrived June 13, 1955

My journey began as a little girl not yet seven leaving the only place I ever lived in with my younger sister and my parents. Never experiencing a car ride or a ship ride needless to say it was not a very pleasant journey for me and my family. I remember being very sick and not being abel to eat anything and the room that we shared had only two bunk beds and one chair, we did not complain because we were starting a new life in a new Country.

Arriving at Pier 21 on June 13, 1955 walking down the steep stairs of the Ship and our journey was not over yet, after going through immigration and our hair being checked we boarded a train for our long ride to Toronto. I remember the seats were very hard and uncomfortable and we hardly had any water all the way to Toronto but nobody complained because we came for a better life and we were going to reunite with our family that came before us.

I can only imagine how difficult it was for my parents coming to a new Country with a young family, not knowing the language and with very little money it was the best decision they ever made and they never regretted it.

We live in the Best Country in the World!!

Looking forward to celebrating 60 years in Canada this June 13th!!

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