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The Monteith Family
by Marie Kennie

Irish Immigrants
April 13, 1929

On April 13th/1929- Joseph and Rebecca Monteith set sail on the S.S CALIFORNIA from Londonderry, Northern Ireland with their family of ten children, a few steamer trunks and fifteen pounds to immigrate to Canada. The passage was paid for by the government. Their home town was Castledery, Tyrone County, Northern Ireland. Castledery is on the Derg River. Derg is an Irish word for the colour red. Red of course meaning the red soil or shores but locals say it is the blood from the battle fought. This area is said to be the most bombed area by the I.R.A. in Northern Ireland. The town of 3000 people boast a bomb proof Police Station. The family located in Woodstock, Ontario but after one year they joined Rebecca’s sisters family the Kerrs in Peterborough, Ontario.

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