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Donald C.P. Yeowell

English Immigrant
June 21, 1949

I was 15 when my mother and I boarded the Aquitania in Southhampton bound for Halifax.

My brother, 4 years younger than I had preceded us escorted by a Canadian soldier who had become a good friend of my family during WWII. My father also Don Yeowell also preceded us and went to Penticton, picked apples and did what work he could get so he could send the money to my mum, which enabled me and my mum to make the trip to Halifax. About a week or two after I arrived it was decided I should go to my Dad and help him pick apples and to get enough money so my mum and brother could meet my dad and I in Vancouver, BC. I made the trip by bus which took about six days.

When I arrived in Penticton I found I had lost my dads address. I remembered enough so two RCMP officers could find him. I joined him and picked apples and set pins at the local bowling alley (5 pins). We all met in Vancouver and got jobs, except my brother who went to school. I had several jobs: Junior clerk at the Canadian Bank of Commerce; Terminal City Club as a page boy; axeman for the British Columbia Forest Service. I then decided I wanted live off the land so I went to Dawson Creek, getting a spartan room at the Dew Drop Innwhich was close to the Mile O sign of the Alaskan HWY. I the bought a horse and other gear and took off Northbound towards Fort St. John.

I lived of the land for about 6 months the headed for Seattle, My family had moved there on a job opportunity. While visiting them in Seattle I signed up for four years in the United States Marine Corps. After completing my four years, with time in Korea, I stayed in Seattle and in 1960 I met my wife. 1962 I joined the Seattle Police Department as a police officer and after 29+ years retired. Have two Children, two grandchildren. I have a happy life, lovely wife of 46 years and four terrific kids. Who would have thought what would happen in the years following my 1949 cruise on the Aquitania.

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