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Gerald Nyveld

Dutch Immigrant
S.S. Zuiderkruis
Arrived June 4, 1954

I am writing for my father, Gerald Nyveld, who died in 1997, and my mother Catherine Boons Nyveld were married on May 18th 1954, immigrated to Canada 10 days later on the Zuiderkruis. My father said a small amount of money was allowed to come with them. But they had saved a lot more. Dad had removed his heel from his shoe and put the money there, nailed the heel back on..... slept with his shoes on the whole way over to Canada. Once they had removed it from the shoe, it took several visits to banks to cash it as all the money was black from the salt water. They were able to purchase a 1946 Chevy truck with this money. They were billeted to a potato farmer in New Brunswick. They lived in a dirt shed, the farmer gave them limited wood for the stove in the shed and paid them with potatoes mostly. By November, with the cold weather settling in and Mom pregnant with their first child, they fled the farm in the middle of the night to go to the Dutch embassy in Ottawa. From there the embassy sent them to a wonderful family in Cobden, Ontario, who welcomed my parents as relatives and helped them learn the language. Eventually my parents became landowners and dairy farmers and filled us with their rich stories. Now, my mother, at 87, has dementia, cannot tell a story anymore, and sometimes I wish I was a better listener when I was a kid. I have pictures the help tell the stories and relatives in Holland that help out when I get stuck.

Immigration story of Dutch immigrant Gerald Nyveld, as told by daughter Jane Nyveld.

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