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Mary Richardson nee Hume

British Evacuee Child
August 20, 1940

In 1940 my young brother and I were put on a train at Chelmsford, Essex, England to starte the first leg of our journey to Canada. The girls and boys were separated at night. My brother developed a high temperature and was sent back home. I had to go on without him. I was a timid child so it was all very bewildering. The crossing was rough and at times frightening.

We went from Halifax to Toronto by train, staying at Falconer House, University of Toronto. There seemed to be hundreds of children. We were waiting for more to arrive from another convoy. They did not arrive because their ship had been sunk!

The next stop was Stratford. When school started I was the youngest student in the High School. In England I had gone to an “all girl” school so it was strange to go to a co-ed school.

As the years went by, Canada became home and I hated going back to England. Once back I started to work to save money to get back to Canada to go into Nursing. This I managed in 2 years. The second year I commuted daily to London, going to all the shipping agents in my lunch hour. I agreed to a 48 hr. notice of sailing but was lucky enough to have a week’s notice. Of course I was sponsored by the family back here and I had my Father’s written consent. I sailed in an unconverted Liberty Boat, into New York in late summer, worked in a bank in Stratford.

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