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First Zoo

“Went for a walk round the grounds and then all of us went over to the park. It is very beautiful. There is a zoo, with lions, bears, monkeys, wolves and other things. There is also an English garden. We saw a humming bird moth. Then we went to the pavilion, and bought fruit ices for a nickel. They were lovely. Then back home for dinner and after that in the afternoon, we went aboard buses, which took us to the children’s hospital for another medical exam. It is funny, all the traffic and steering wheels are on the different side of the roads from those in England I went into the doctor, who was very nice. The asked me all about everything and examined me and then said, "she seems to be disgustingly healthy". When he came to mental condition, he said, "What shall I put" and I said "Oh, weak," and he laughed and put "bright." There was nothing wrong with me.

- Margaret (Maggie) Smolensky, nee Beal, arrived from England as an Evacuee Child in 1940. [S2012.377.1]

Maggie Morris Smolensky