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First Kiss

“Martin and I first met on December 21st during the evening of December 20th, I felt nauseous and sick to my stomach. In the early morning, I needed fresh air and raced from my room to go up to the deck. As I left my room, I bumped into this big handsome guy and said, "I’m sick!" He smiled, and I ran upstairs to the deckIn the evening Martin bowed and clicked his heels in front of me and said, "dance?" We danced, then he said to me, "I fra Danmark, you?" I said "Scotland" and that was the end of our conversation. Martin took me to the first class lounge where we sat on a beautiful couch and we held hands. All of the sudden about four men in kilts came over to us. They were called "The Curlers," and were going to entertain in Canada. Martin put his arm around me. They looked at him while holding mistletoe above our heads and said, "Kiss the wee lass" (3 times). He did not understand them, and I was too shy to kiss him. They came over and put our heads together. That was our first, beautiful kiss. Martin and I corresponded for three years after we departed the Empress of France. In January of 1952, Martin came to the USA and we were married on June 21, 1952.”

- Catherine Christensen arrived from Scotland in 1948. [S2012.286.1]

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Catherine Christensen [DI2013.857.2]

Martin and Catherine Christensen