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First “Homemade” Pumpkin Pie

“Thanksgiving was a celebration day in Canada with which I was unfamiliar. Jim mentioned that fresh pumpkin pie was one of the traditions, which he really enjoyed, so suggested I give it a try and make one, as there were lots of pumpkins in the garden. I thought to myself I wasn’t going to the trouble of cooking pumpkin, so I purchased a can, read the recipe on the tin and make my first pumpkin pie. When Jim came home for the Thanksgiving holiday and I served the "Fresh Pumpkin Pie," he said that it was one of the best pies he had ever tasted, and that the fresh pumpkin made all the difference. Of course I accepted the blarney, then confessed the pumpkin was from a tin. He couldn’t believe I would pull a stunt like that. Consequently I have never made a Fresh Pumpkin Pie.”

- Betty Crutcher arrived from England as a War Bride in 1946. [S2012.1514.1]