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First Game

“Hockey became my passion after I saw my first game at the Forum December 12, 1949. The Canadiens beat the New York Rangers 3-1 with Maurice Richard scoring a goal; I was hooked for life, and Maurice “The Rocket” Richard became my idol.”

- Sol Nayman arrived from Poland via Germany as a Displaced Person in 1948. [S2012.2358.1]

Scottish immigrant Paul Callaghan arrived in 2007 and was soon bitten by the hockey bug “So my wife took me to my first hockey game with was Ottawa Senators and the Pittsburgh Penguins, prior to Sydney Crosby being a superstar. And the game finished in a tie but it ignited my love of the game. And, prior to that, the only two hockey team I’d ever heard of was Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. They were they only two I knew even played hockey. So I had a quick education with it, and my father-in-law taught me so much.”

- Paul Callaghan arrived from Scotland in 2007.

Paul Callaghan
Stonehaven Portrait