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First Faux Pas

“I recall that the immigration person asked me to show the dollars that we brought in and since we were honest all the serial numbers were there and she gave it back to us. There was an interview there. A little funny thing happened: She called - since my wife was the main applicant - she called 'Veronica'. So being the polite person that I am, I didn't move to the front. Because she said ‘Veronica,’ she didn't say ‘Carlos and Theo.’ And then when we didn't move she said 'are you with the family,' she said. 'Yes we are,' 'why don't you approach.' 'Well you called Veronica' I said. Okay so she meant Veronica and family but she didn't say that. Sorry, my first faux pas, my first Canadian faux pas”

- Carlos Medina arrived from the Philippines in 2007.


Carlos Medina
Stonehaven Portrait