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First Encounter with the Law

“When we went to our room at the hotel, I looked out the window and saw the ducks across the street in the Public Gardens. I went downstairs to the front entry in the hotel and asked if I could have some bread to feed the ducks. The person on the counter sent me to the kitchen to ask the cook. With bread in hand, I went outside across the street to feed the ducks. I was quite happy feeding the ducks even making the big ones wait for the little ones to eat. (I did not tell my parents that I was going to do this because I thought I would not be allowed.) When the ducks has eaten all the bread, I went back to the hotel for more bread. I WAS IN DEEP TROUBLE, MY PARENTS HAD NOTICED THAT I WAS NOT THERE AND HAD CALLED THE POLICE WHO WERE LOOKING FOR ME. After that I was LOCKED in the hotel room!!! That was my first experience in Canada”

- Elizabeth Evans arrived from England in 1954. [S2012.217.1]