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First Coca-Cola

“On the train, I had my first taste of the much vaunted Coca Cola, and I've hated it ever since”

- Madeline Anderson arrived from England as a War Bride in 1945. [S2012.703.1]

Dutch immigrant Hugh Timmerman’s first taste of Coca-Cola was much more inspirational.

“It was here that I first tasted Coca Cola! I liked it so much that thereafter I walked the two miles up the gravel road to Newton and back once a week to buy a carton of Coke from my meagre allowance and hid it in a hole dug in the clay beneath a trapdoor in the living room. Six bottles of Coke at 5 cents each plus 2 cents deposit was all it cost. After work, I sneaked down that cubbyhole for my pick-me-upper, only to be scolded by my brother for being such a spendthrift by ‘wasting’ all that hard-earned money!”

- Hugh Timmerman arrived from the Netherlands in 1950. [S2012.1199.1]

Hugh Timmerman

Hugh Timmerman