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First Attempt to Buy a Drink in a Canadian Bar

I took my 5-year-old daughter to an ice show at the Montreal forum. We got thirsty and went during the intermission to a tavern to get something to drink. The bartender told us he couldn’t serve us. I asked astonished: "Why not? You serve all the other people at the tables." He said, "They are all men." I told him, "Women get thirsty too. I want a drink and so does my daughter." He said, "Lady, you want to go to a drugstore." I said, "No, she is not sick, just thirsty." He said, "We serve soft-drinks at the drugstore." I gave up. What a country I had come to? Where one serves orange juice and coffee in a drugstore, where one is supposed to sell drugs?

- Edith Boldt arrived from Germany in 1951.