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Daisy's Story

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0:00 – 0:21 When I was in Hong Kong, I was an executive secretary, so I worked in a Crown corporation, in the corporate affair department, but on my voluntary basis, I was also involved a lot in my church. I remember in 1995, our church decided to go to a grassroot community to start a church planting.
0:21 – 0:44 I have a calling that I should go and get involved in this project. So I go into the community and I visit a family every Saturday. I visit them, I talk to them, I have a lot of compassion for them. I found that they had a lot of problems, I would always seek help from my friend, she is a social worker. I always asked her: “How can I help them? They have no money.”
0:45 – 1:01 And from that time… So I really want to do something to help these people. But because I’m an executive secretary, I don’t know what I can do. And so, at that time, I suddenly had a calling “maybe I should study something to do something that I can [inaudible] to help these people.”
1:02 – 1:45 And so then, I start my school searching process and I’m thinking: “Maybe I can go to the U.S. or to Canada, to anywhere… I’m open.” I came to Canada in 1996, October 12. But being an immigrant at that time is not easy, totally not easy. So I was working in a travel agency, part-time… Actually, full-time. I go to school in the morning, at the lunch hour and in the evening. So I squeeze everything. But after six years, I finish, I graduate. And then, in the last year of my studies, I start asking myself: “Daisy, what do you want to do?”
1:46 – 2:18 I got lost when I was studying, because everybody was telling me: “You should do this, maybe you should take International Business, or maybe Marketing, or…” A lot of voices. But suddenly, at that point, I remembered why I came to Canada. I know my passion. I know my passion is not working in a bank, not working in a mutual fund company… I want to help those people. So at that point, suddenly, I hear on the radio for the first time about employment counselling. “Oh, yes, that’s right, that’s what I want to do.”
2:19 – 2:39 So I started the college program… Another college program for two years as an employment counselling. So over that period, I also volunteered into an immigration agency, so [inaudible] is the one I’m working with now. So I find that I can help those people, and through the volunteering, I can contribute a lot.
2:40 – 3:09 When I was working at [inaudible], the first two years, I worked in a community assistance program, so I helped multi-barriers clients, because they are facing many, many challenges and barriers, so I… They have a low income, they depend on welfare, they have a very low English and also, they don’t have a job. So I teach them pre-employment skills and also life skills. I always use my story to encourage them.
3:10 – 3:00 I believe that path I went through will have a purpose, so I know that my story can help them and I always tell them: “Ok, don’t give up. If I had wanted to give up, I had hundreds of reasons to give up. I didn’t, because I know I have to fulfill my dream.”